Kambaku Safari Lodge - Lodge Photos
Kambaku Safari Lodge - Lodge Photos

The Lodge

Kambaku actually has two main buildings. The entrance area of the lodge has a small souvenir shop filled with  local crafts, the main office and also a smaller sitting area which is excellent for reading and quiet moments. This portion of Kambaku also has the best internet connections. Further into the camp and past the swimming pools is the main lodge building which has a bar as well as several chairs and couches. This main building also has an upstairs area with a billiard table and upper porch to look out into the camp and nearby waterhole.


Kambaku Safari Lodge – Lodge Photos


The Rooms

Each Chalet is laid out slightly different, but all have a similar vibe and plenty of privacy.

Rooms with double or queen beds can also be arranged to have two single beds.

The Food


Typically, we have two main meals per day. One after the morning game drive (at around 10 a.m.), and one after the afternoon/evening game drive (around 7 p.m.). In addition, tradition is ‘high tee’ around 2:30 pm with fruit drinks, tea, water as well as sweet and savory snacks before the afternoon game drive. We also have coffee and rusks available (similar to biscotti) before our morning game drive, snacks mid-way through each game drive.

For our morning meal, there is always a buffet of fruits, juices, cereals, yogurts and cheeses set out. In addition, the staff takes orders for the hot portion which can include omelets, traditional English breakfast or eggs in any other style you prefer. Often there will also be a casserole of some type.

One of the things we’ve always enjoyed about Kambaku is how they handle dinner. Each night the location of the dinner is moved. One night may be in the lodge, the next night may be beside the waterhole and under the stars, the next night may be a braii (grilled meal) by the boma (campfire) with singing by the staff. The regular venue change adds to the fun of each meal. Regarding food, options are usually a choice of western and African dishes. Each night varies, but we have had amazing filet mignon on some nights and tenderloin of eland on others. In particular, lamb is often a menu staple as this is a very common South African dish. Each meal is accompanied by an appetizer as well as a dessert. Our favorites include the amazing squash soups and the desserts of poached pears!

For those with special dietary needs, special meals are prepared. On various trips, we’ve had travelers that needed gluten free, folks avoiding dairy and even people who would rather not have any onion in their dishes. The staff is excellent at remembering these special requests and handling the needs with ease each meal.




Last modified: August 11, 2017