© Buddy Eleazer
© Buddy Eleazer

Date: September 4 – 8, 2020

Cost: $4,150

Group Size: 6 clients (2 vehicles)

NOTE: the minimum group size for event is 3, if we do not get at least 3 people signed up, any deposits paid by those signed up will be returned.

Zebras and Dust © Buddy Eleazer

Leaders: Buddy Eleazer and Don Schroder

This is a post Masa Mara Great Migration Safari Extension

Flamingos over Lake Magadi © Buddy Eleazer

This safari has three main components:


Photographing flamingoes from the air: Lake Magadi is one of the flamingo populations preferred feeding lakes and is full of salt patterns and algal blooms This safari will see you flying over one of Africa’s most iconic rift valley lakes where the flamingos flying, feed and breed below. Using a helicopter with the doors off, you will behold pink Africa from the sky. What could be better than photographing the great migration and flamingoes all in one safari?

You may be wondering why we would rather photograph flamingoes from the air. The answer is two-fold. First, it is really, really difficult to get great shots from the ground. We know, we’ve tried many times. Each time you approach the birds, they walk away. You can try being still, but this also yields limited results. Secondly, birds fly in interesting flock patterns, sometimes in formation. Combine that with the algae bloom over the soda lakes which creates interesting patterns and you have noteworthy photos.

While we have the helicopter and since we must fly over the wetlands anyway, we will photograph the wildlife (often elephants and zebra) drinking and feed on the lush green vegetation of the nearby wetlands.

Elephant and Wetlands © Buddy Eleazer


Animals and Dust – Shompole is located in a section of the rift valley that is a truly wild piece of Africa. It is hot, dry and dusty, dotted with Acacias and with wall of the rift valley as an ever-present backdrop. This parched land will not have seen rain in months. The result is that with each step the wildlife takes, the air is filled with dust. To add to this, mile high dust devils are being whipped up in the distance. This combination yields amazing drama to your nature photography.

Maasai Bringing Home the Goats © Buddy Eleazer

Masai Village Life

Last, but definitely not least, we will photograph the indigenous Masai people of the area. You will enjoy what is one of the finest cultural photography shoots on offer anywhere in Africa. Shompole has a special relationship with the local herdsmen as it brings money to the Conservancy. In return, they welcome us into their Boma (home) to photograph the everyday life. This is real Maasai life. Each day they have the huge responsibility of taking their family’s cattle out for grazing and water. Armed with only spears, they are responsible for their family’s wealth. Lions are on the prowl and the herdsman are on the watch. Like with the wildlife shots previously mentioned, the area is very dusty. With spectacular back lighting, you will photograph the herdsman on foot and with the dust, you will capture images full of mood and mystery.

There will not be singing and dancing, but there will be a very authentic experience. The Maasai allow us into their world, to experience their everyday life. Special access to an ancient and authentic cultural experience awaits and you are welcome to take photographs. This is a special opportunity for photographers you will never forget.

There is only space for a maximum of 6 participants.

Herdsman in Late Afternoon Light – © Buddy Eleazer

Included in this Safari:

  • 1 night in Nairobi at Tamarind Tree Hotel
  • 3 nights in Shompole Wilderness Camp
  • 1-hour helicopter flight
  • 3 days photographing from Landcruiser (3 per vehicle)
  • Transfers to/from Nairobi
  • Laundry,
  • Alcoholic drinks and meals
  • Tips for guides and staff


  • Additional helicopter flight hours.

There is only space for a maximum of 6 participants. Only one departure per year.

If interested in this or any of our other offerings, please contact Buddy Eleazer at buddy.eleazer@gmail.com to discuss options and payment plans.

Flamingoes in Soda Lake with Algae Bloom – ©Buddy Eleazer

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