© Buddy Eleazer
© Buddy Eleazer

If you want nature photos that go beyond the safe shot of lions sleeping or herds grazing under clear skies, this trip is for you. We expect lots of big cats and lots of dramatic skies during the safari

Dates: April 22-29, 2022 (1 night in Nairobi and 6 nights in Masai Mara)

Group Size: 9 

Cost: $6,395 per person

Group Leaders: Buddy Eleazer, Don Schroder and Andreas Knausenberger

Safari Origination and Conclusion Point: Nairobi, Kenya

Key Features:

  • Only 3 Clients per Vehicle
  • No Single Supplement
  • Extra Large Baggage Allowance
  • Flights from Nairobi to Masai Mara Included

© Buddy Eleazeer

Many have heard of the Masai Mara with relation to the Great Wildebeest Migration. (We have a safari for this great event also!) so you may wonder why we lead a trip to this destination in April. The answer is simple: Photos with impact! We are not after the typical Mara shot of massive herds grazing nor are we after photos of a sleeping lion with a fat belly. We are not after landscapes with cloudless skies. We are after photos with storytelling. We want shots of the hunting. We want shots with dramatic weather. This is the season to capture these types of shots.

The Mara is also a very special place in April. During this time, the massive herds of wildebeest are gone. Of much more importance is that the large quantities of tourist also are gone. Make no mistake, there is still a lot of wildlife in the Mara. Many wildebeest and zebra are resident, not following the migration. Topis, Grant’s gazelle and Thompson gazelle also do not migrate. More important to our safari, the big cats: the lions, leopards and cheetah are there year-round. Since the large herds are not present and because there are a lot of cats, there is pressure on the cats to hunt more. The slightly cooler temperature also promotes daytime hunting by the lions rather than the predominant night action of the migration season.

There is also another reason why we want to be in the Mara in April: Rain Storms. As photographers, it’s easy to find and get photos of big cats any time of year. However, to get powerful, award winning photos, you need more drama. The April weather promises to deliver powerful cumulus clouds and a backdrop that includes strong distant rainstorms. Yes, we will also see rain. The showers typically do not last long and meanwhile, they also add to our photography. Imagine big male lions shaking off the raindrops or cheetahs on termite mounds wincing and the raindrops come down. These are the photos that compel.


© Buddy Eleazer

Okay, we’ve talked about spending lots of time with hunting big cats, landscapes of distant storms and images of big cats in the rain, now let me tell you more about your experience. This will be a very exclusive experience. We have 2 vehicles and will have only 3 clients per vehicle. Your leaders will be accompanied by guide/drivers that are some of the best in the business. They’ve worked with major productions like Planet Earth, Big Cat Diaries and specials for the BBC, Nature Channel and the National Geographic. These are the best of the best. Your two group leaders are both extremely accomplished wildlife photographers. In 2019, Buddy won or placed in no less than a a half dozen international wildlife photo competitions. Andreas has been going to the Mara annually for more than a dozen years. Andreas is a Kenya resident and is also a photo ambassador for Sigma Lens Corporation.

Day 1 – You will be flying into Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport. On arrival, you will be met by our drivers and transferred to the Tamarind Tree Hotel, which is your arrival night lodging. Here you will meet your fellow safari travelers and we will discuss the specifics of the trip over a leisure dinner. The Tamarind Tree Hotel is a contemporary style hotel that provides all the comfort, convenience and efficiency you would like at the start of the trip.

Day 2 – After breakfast, our group will be transferred from Tamarind Tree Hotel to Wilson Airport, where we will board our scheduled air charter to the Masai Mara and Mara Bush Camp. Wilson is a smaller airport specifically used for flights into the wildlife preserves. It is located extremely close to the Tamarind Tree Hotel.  Upon arrival in the Masai Mara, we will be transferred to our lodge, the Mara Bush Camp located in the greater Masai Reserve. We will get checked into our rooms, grab some lunch and then in the late afternoon, we are off again in search of wildlife.

Day 3 – 7 – The schedule will basically be the same each day We focus on getting out before sunrise, and head out at first light to increase our chances of getting the cats still being active.  Depending on weather and location of subjects we may stay out all day or we may take a mid-day break. The exact schedule is dictated by nature, but regardless of plan, we will work hard to get very special images. When we are back in camp, Buddy and Andreas are always available in the mid-day or evening editing sessions and image reviewing.


Day 8 – This is our last day in the Mara. We will head out early to capture those last rewarding sightings and then take a mid-day flight back to Nairobi. For those having later evening flights (which is common for flights to the U.S.), we will simply transfer back to the Tamarind Tree Hotel where we will spend time in their lounge area re-telling the stories of the trip over some adult beverages. As flight time approaches, we will be transferred back to Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) for flights home.

Let me state once more: The goal of this trip is to get incredibly powerful photos. We believe we’ve picked the time and place to get those shots. Join us!

© Buddy Eleazer


  • Only 9 clients
  • No single supplement, everyone can have their own tent!
  • Tips for guides INCLUDED
  • Only 3 clients per vehicle
  • 1 tour leader per vehicle
  • 1 night at Tamarind in Nairobi
  • 6 nights at Mara Bush Camp
  • All Meals
  • Flight from Nairobi to Masai Mara and return to Nairobi
  • Large, 50-pound baggage limit
  • Transfers in Nairobi as required
  • All Park fees


  • Laundry
  • Alcoholic beverages

For more information or too book contact: buddy.eleazer@gmail.com

© Buddy Eleazer

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