Mana Pools in Zimbabwe is a very special safari location. If you are a serious wildlife photographer, this is a location you must visit. Mana Pools is the place where safari guides go on holiday. this says an incredible amount about the place. More specifically, guides on holiday and the best wildlife photographers love to visit Mana Pools in late September and October.  There is a reason for that and herein lies the reasons we will be going:

  • In Mana Pools one photographs under a canopy of huge trees. During this time of year, it is extremely dry. Dust lingers in the air. As the sunlight filters through the trees and the dust generated by thousands of hooves and paws creates a special glow like no other safari location.
  • The trees with their high up limbs hold seed pods and large bull elephants stand on two legs to reach for impossibly-high branches. This is a photo sighting seen in only a few places in Africa.
  • Mana Pools is also probably one of the best places in Africa to see and photograph packs of Wild Dogs.
  • Perhaps, one of the most striking and unique elements of Mana Pools is the possibility to approach animals on foot. No, the entire safari isn’t on foot. We use open game drive vehicles to patrol the area and find the wildlife. Once we are near, then we can exit the vehicles with our guide to approach. The heart-pumping thrill of sitting next to a pride of Lions or a few meters away from an Elephant feeding is nothing short of unforgettable. Take note: This is not something you do unless you have the best and most experienced guides and we will have them on this trip!

Image by Hendri Venter

There has always been a mystique surrounding the legendary Mana Pools National Park. It is a place that few reach, hidden as it is in the central Zambezi Valley, but almost everyone that is serious about African wildlife photography has heard about. Visiting in the dry season, as we do on this trip, will guarantee wonderful sightings of elephants, lions, wild dogs and all the plains game that sustains the predators.

As we will be approaching large wild mammals on foot, we must keep our group size very small for this trip. The group will consist of 4 lucky clients and 2 group leaders. Being able to both go off-road and on foot, creates some extremely interesting photo opportunities; the photographer has much more freedom in choosing the position, the angle, the distance, the framing, as opposed to when you are confined to a vehicle on a track.

Simply put, this could even qualify as the ultimate Africa destination and the best private Africa photo safari on the continent. Zimbabwe is a great safari country but Mana Pools is the jewel in its safari crown.

The Details

Cost – TBD. As of October 2022, final pricing is being confirmed

Group Size – The tour is limited to 4 participants, double occupancy required. If we do not get 4 participants, those with deposits will have them refunded.

Logistics – The trip begins and ends in Harare, Zimbabwe

Photo Group Leaders: Hendri Venter, Buddy Eleazer

Included in the Safari:

  • The trip will include one (1) arrival night hotel stay in Harare.
  • The trip includes ten (10) nights in Mana Pools. Accommodation in luxury East African Safari Tents. All with en-suite facilities.
  • All meals, local alcoholic beverages & soft drinks, teas and coffees in Mana Pools
  • The charter flight from Harare to Mana Pools and return flight are included
  • Transfers in Harare and to & from Mana Airstrip
  • Activities (2 per day) – including game walks & drives
  • Expert guiding services
  • All park fees including 2% Government Tourism Levy
  • Photography advice in the field
  • Laundry services

Not Included:

  • International flights to and from your home to Harare for the trip
  • Any visa requirements (as of October 2023, a single-entry visa for U.S. citizens into Zimbabwe is $35)
  • Meals in Harare
  • Medical / Travel Insurance Coverage (highly recommended)
  • Staff Gratuities (at your discretion)

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of $2,500 is required to confirm your booking. The full payment is due 60 days prior to trip departure. If Paying by Credit Card, a Payment Surcharge of 3.9% will be Applied. Payment Checks can be sent to: Magnum Excursions, LLC, 4344 Farmington Circle, Allentown, PA 18104. If paying by wire transfer, Venmo or Zelle, please contact Buddy Eleazer at (610) 751-7259 to discuss payment method.

Cancellation Terms

  • Eight (8) weeks prior to the safari departure date a 50% cancellation fee applies.
  • Five (5) months prior to the safari departure date a 30% cancellation fee applies.

For Those with Dietary or Allergy Requirements – Please advise us of any dietary or allergy requirements on confirmation of booking. We cannot be held responsible for not accommodating dietary or allergy requirements if we are not advised in advance of the safari.

Last modified: November 21, 2022