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Buddy Eleazer is an international award winning wildlife and landscape photographer with 35 years of experience.  His images have been featured by Popular Photography, National Geographic and the prestigious Epson Panorama Awards.

Buddy specializes in nature photography (both wildlife and landscape).  Buddy teaches classic composition, but also takes clients beyond ‘the safe shot’, with instruction on pan-action photography, rim lighting, strong side lighting and techniques to capture high key and low key images. The goal it to provide clients with the trip of a lifetime; however, an important secondary goal is to have everyone come home a more capable and flexible photographer than before the trip.

Buddy on African Safari Travel:

I lead small groups (6 to 12 photographers) for nature photography. Photographers of all skill levels and anyone who loves nature are welcome on the trips. Favorite destinations include prime wildlife locations in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Kenya.

I have enjoyed photography for over 40 years; however, my passion for photography greatly increased with the advent of the digital camera. Today, I am well known as a nature photographer. Note that I used the term ‘nature’ and not wildlife. That’s because I love photographing wildlife, but also love to photograph animals in habitat. During my early photography years, most of my photography was related to landscapes and travel. That foundation has impacted my photography such that in addition to close images of the wildlife, I also encourage fellow photographers to capture a sense of place in the images. I sometimes refer to these latter style images as ‘landscapes with wildlife’. I feel this combination of compositions is really what nature photography is all about.

“The Long Journey”, Amboseli NP, Kenya – © Buddy Eleazer


Buddy is recognized as an international awarding winning photographer.  His images have been finalist in many competitions including:

  • First Place Winner – 2018 Wildlife Category in Russia’s “35 Awards – 100 Top Images of 2018”
  • First Place Winner – 2018 Denver Audubon  ‘Your Best Shot’
  • First Place Winner – “Traveling to the Edge”, 2018 Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
  • First Place Winner – AdoramaPix “2018 Your Best Shot” – Photo of the Year
  • Finalist and High Honors, Terrestrial Wildlife – 2018 California Academy of Science “Big Picture: Natural World Photography Competition”
  • Top 10 finish in NatGeo “Best of 2018”
  • People’s Choice First Prize – 2019 Wilderness Safaris Photography Competition
  • High Honors – “Zebra Walk”, 2018 Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
  • Honorable Mention in National Wildlife magazine’s 2019 Photography Awards
  • Honorable Mention in 2019 International Photographers Awards – Nature/Wildlife Category
  • Honorable Mention for two images in 2019 International Photography Awards – Nature/Aerial Category
  • Nature Category Finalist in the Italy’s “2019 Sienna International Photo Awards”
  • Award of Merit in ‘2019 Odyssey’ at Pennsylvania Center for Photography
  • 2019 Finalist – Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Natural History Museum (UK), three images
  • 2020 Finalist – Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Natural History Museum (UK)
  • 2020 Photo of the Day, June 5, 2020 – Smithsonian Magazine
  • 2020 Finalist – The Great Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year

as well as having images featured by UK Daily Mail, UK Mirror, MSN News, Popular Photography and National. Geographic.



“Follow The Leader”, Namib-Naukluft NP, Namibia – ©Buddy Eleazer

“Traveling To The Edge” , Sossusvlei, Namibia ©Buddy Eleazer

“Forever Present”, Deadvlei, Namibia – ©Buddy Eleazer

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