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Buddy Eleazer is an international award winning wildlife and landscape photographer with 35 years of experience. He has travelled to 22 countries on four continents; learning to appreciate and respect multiple cultures. His images have been featured by Popular Photography, National Geographic and the prestigious Epson Panorama Awards.

Buddy specializes in southern Africa wildlife and landscape photography, but no matter what the country; the draw of being outdoors. This is what inspires him to take photos and take fellow photographers on one of his photo excursions. To date, Buddy has led over 36 trips to Africa to date with a focus on South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. In a typical year, Buddy leads 3 or 4 trips to Africa. Over the years, he has developed a close relationship with guides, rangers and lodge owners. This ‘insider’s view’ of Africa provides him with a unique perspective for a photographer on safari.

Buddy on African Safari Travel:

“The very first moment that I set foot in the African bush, I had the extraordinary sense of feeling grounded. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a primordial memory from our origins. That would at least partially explain some of the feelings on my first African sighting: an elephant roaming freely along a roadside. In that initial experience, something strange happened. For no other reason than seeing this giant animal in his habitat, my eyes welled up with tears and I had to hold back my emotions. I felt a strange peace, a one with nature … and a feeling I had come home.

The feeling hasn’t left. I know that the Africa wilderness is very special for me. My love for it and its enormous beauty has urged me to spend more time there and to share this experience with others.

Now let me take you to a different time and place. As you enter the wilderness and get away from modern day data overload, you will feel like a different person. Sure, you can still use your cell phone, but you won’t feel that need. In the presence of nature, you will become patient, more observant and more humble. As you watch scenes unfold exactly as they have for thousands of years, you will relax and feel the rhythm of nature. As you watch the untamed natural interactions your camera will become one with you. Your photography and compositions will reflect that feeling of nature. Trust me, an African safari will change your life and your photography forever.”

Buddy is recognized as an international awarding winning photographer.  His images have been finalist in many competitions including:

  • First Place Winner – 2018 Wildlife Category in Russia’s “35 Awards – 100 Top Images of 2018”
  • First Place Winner – 2018 Denver Audubon  ‘Your Best Shot’
  • First Place Winner – “Traveling to the Edge”, 2018 Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
  • First Place Winner – AdoramaPix “2018 Your Best Shot” – Photo of the Year
  • Finalist and High Honors, Terrestrial Wildlife – 2018 California Academy of Science “Big Picture: Natural World Photography Competition”
  • Top 10 finish in NatGeo “Best of 2018”
  • Peoples Choice First Prize – 2019 Wilderness Safaris Photography Competition
  • High Honors – “Zebra Walk”, 2018 Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
  • Honorable Mention in National Wildlife magazine’s 2019 Photography Awards
  • Honorable Mention in 2019 International Photographers Awards – Nature/Wildlife Category
  • Honorable Mention for two images in 2019 International Photography Awards – Nature/Aerial Category
  • Nature Category Finalist in the Italy’s “2019 Sienna International Photo Awards”
  • Award of Merit in ‘2019 Odyssey’ at Pennsylvania Center for Photography

as well as having images featured by UK Daily Mail, UK Mirror, MSN News, Popular Photography and National. Geographic.



Follow The Leader ©Buddy Eleazer

Traveling To The Edge ©Buddy Eleazer

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Last modified: December 11, 2019