© Buddy Eleazer 2022
© Buddy Eleazer 2022

Dan’s Camera City has partnered with Magnum Excursions, LLC to bring you high-quality photo workshops at destinations around the world at a great value. When you book your trip with Dan’s, you’ll qualify for a special discounted rate. While some of our 2023 destinations are sold out, new ones are added regularly. In addition, the 2024 safari schedule is partially on line now. More will be added in the near future.

© Buddy Eleazer, Magnum Excursions


These workshops are for all levels of photographers.  Actually, they are also fantastic trips for the non-photographers also.  Dan’s Camera and Magnum Excursions have worked in conjunction to develop destination trips to allow you to have that ‘bucket list’ trip of a lifetime while also providing expert instruction on how to get the most out of your nature photography.  These trips feature smaller groups of 6 to 12 participants, fantastic locations, excellent food and a relaxing atmosphere.  For photographers, you will have the opportunity to capture nature from perfect angles in perfect light.  Reviews of your photography throughout the trip will help you grow as a photographer as you learn about composition, reading the light, better understanding shutter speed and additional elements to take you to the next level.  We’ve hosted beginners with point and shoot cameras and participants that have extensive equipment and advanced skills as well.  We cater our teaching to your skill level.

For 2023 We are featuring two safaris at SPECIAL DAN’S CAMERA PRICING:

  • June 29 – July 5, 2023 – Zimanga Private Reserve in South Africa.
  • September 6-13, 2023 – Kenya’s Masai Mara During Migration Period


© Buddy Eleazer, Magnum Excursions


For the Photographer AND non-photographers, this is also a trip for you.  Let’s compare a typical African photo safari to the normal consumer Africa safari and you will see the difference.

  • Our safaris are about getting great views.  We allow a maximum of 4 guests per the vehicle.  This allows a lot of room between guests but more importantly allows you to view out the left or right side of the vehicle without obstruction.  Note that these vehicles are actually designed to seat 8 to 10 people.
  • We are about seeing a lot of wildlife, but we are also about seeing action and interaction with nature.  Since we have all week, we pace the viewings to see the wildlife when the animals are active.  Simply stated, when we find sleeping lions, we note the location and leave with a plan to come back near sunset when these animals will become active and on the move.  Whether your a photographer or not, we believe that this is what you’ve come to see and experience.  On the typical consumer safari, the guides have learned that their tips are a function of how much the participants see.  Trips into the wild are focused on checking off a sighting of as many animals each trip regardless of animal activity level.
  • When not out on game drives, the photography participants will have free time, but also will have reviews of their shots with our instructors.  Of course the non-photographer is free to sit in and see the amazing shots by the group each day; however, thsi free time is also great for a massage, lounging by the pool or going on a walking safari with a guide.  In addition, we also like to bring the local culture into the trip.  Depending on destinations, we will organize trips into local cultural villages, chances to shop for souvenirs or side trips to local landmarks.
  • While we feature great wildlife sightings, we also know you care about food and lodging.  Each of our destinations have been picked based on the quality and variety of meals available as well as safe, clean lodges with immaculate staffing.  Our experience has led us to lodges with chefs that prepare meals that meet or surpass any dining you will find in the Lehigh Valley … and it’s all included in the price!  As you visit the links for the different offerings noted below, you will find images of the lodges and typical rooms.  We think you will be pleasantly pleased.

© Buddy Eleazer, Magnum Excursions, LLC

Our 2023 Safaris are nearly sold Out, but we have several exciting trips planned for 2024. Learn more about these at this link.

© Buddy Eleazer, Magnum Excursions

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