Joe McBroom was one of the three founders of Magnum Excursions. Joe passed away on August 22, 2019. Joe was a fantastic photographer and teacher, but an even better person. He is greatly missed by Magnum Excursions and anyone who met him. We leave this bio up so you might know some of his passion and background.


Hello my friends and fellow photographers, I have been asked to write a biography and have found it much more difficult than I expected. So I took a step back and received some valuable feedback from past workshop attendees to help me complete this task.

First, a little about me and then I will include quotes from my testimonial page on my website to show you how other see me.

Morning in the Everglades

I grew up in the farmlands of Indiana where I learned to love nature and the adventures of the great outdoors. In Indiana I photographed mostly landscapes, farmscapes, and local wildlife. When I made the move to Florida in 2002 I was lost on what and how to shoot. I started shooting seascapes and that kept my interest for a while because it was new to me; plus seascapes sell well!  After a year of that a fellow photographer invited me to go to the Everglades to shoot migratory birds and BAM – I was hooked!

An Egret takes flight

South Florida is one of the best places in the world to photograph Great Blue Herons, Tri-Colored Herons, Little Green Herons, Ibis, Great White Egrets, Little Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, and many, many more wading migratory birds. Not the mention the massive population of Raptors we have in South Florida like Osprey, Bald Eagles, Red Shoulder Hawks, Harriers, and Burrowing Owls. The list goes on and on; it really is a magical place for birding.

I started doing Birding workshops in 2012 at the request of a few photography acquaintances that are familiar with my work. I have to admit I was overwhelmed with the response that I received. I have had people come from all over the globe to learn and shoot with me,. The endeavor grew much larger than I ever dreamed, and   almost all of the attendees come back year after year. They are not only attendees, they have become my friends.

I have won many photography awards, been published in countless photography magazines, and have authored chapters in photography manuals and self-help books.

A few of the previous attendee’s testimonials:

Ann Shelbourne” (professional photographer for nearly 5 decades):

“Unforgettable Experiences

Lunch for a Great Blue Heron

Joe is a true Master of bird photography and an astoundingly generous guy in the way which he is prepared to share his extensive experience and skills and patiently teach his techniques to all who join him on his Bird Shoots.

His keen knowledge of South Florida and his pains-taking scouting for the best locations for optimum photographic opportunities immediately before each Shoot ensures that we all return home with a massive collection of outstanding photographs.

However, it’s not just for the photographic opportunities that so many of us who have participated in these events continue to return.

Joe is a wonderful host and huge fun to be with; and those who participate in his Shoots seem to be an equally amazing group of delightful, talented, generous and totally inspiring people.

If you can possibly find a way to join one of Joe’s Bird Shoots, grab the opportunity: I can promise you that you will not regret it!

Linda King” (professional photographer):

“Florida Bird Shoot Workshop – Five Stars!

Burrowing Owls are often seen at workshops

I have attended Joe McBroom’s Florida Bird Shoot Workshop three years in a row. It has been, not only educational and enriching, but a lot of fun!

Joe is a genuine, caring, good natured, fun guy who happens to love nature photography! One of the most talented nature photographers I have met. He is generous with his time and advice, and always looks out for the best interest of the group.

Joe has a way of attracting quality people to this event. Amazing photography comes out of the excursions, as well as wonderful memories. Great fun talking shop over meals. And we always look forward to the world-famous real fruit milkshakes on the Everglades excursion each year!

Can’t wait to see everybody again next year!

Michelle Carney” (amateur photographer):

“Florida Bird Shoot Workshops

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the workshops that Joe has put together. I have been on 3 of them and have watched my photography improve by leaps and bounds with each outing, because of his teaching skills. :O)

Sunrise on workshops are a special time

Joe is a great mentor and is exceedingly generous with his time and advice. He is quite patient with the new learners and gears his photography lessons to whatever level is necessary. He’s also a LOT of fun to be around. 🙂

I look forward to attending more of his events.

To see more of Joe’s photography work, go here.


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