Meet Michael Kan

An impassioned traveler, I have traveled to over 50 countries, and have led photo tours to Thailand, Australia, Israel, Japan, China, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. The most interesting part of travel is the interaction with the local people, trying the local food, and even learning a few words to bring a smile on someone’s face.
Travel is really the only way we can reduce some of the inherent biases we might have from being isolated from a vast part of the world, and in turn better appreciate some of the finer aspects of living in our part of the globe.

I first got hold of a camera in 1968, when my grandfather taught me to use a Leica Rangefinder camera, and I have been shooting ever since. Since then, I have used several brands of digital SLRs and am familiar with many models to be able to assist you along the way. My photos have appeared in numerous automotive and travel magazines since 2001.

I specialize in landscape and wildlife photography, but when not traveling I focus on portraits and sports photography.

I have spent my career working for both Fortune 100 and smaller companies, always in the international sales and marketing areas where my multi-lingual skills have come in handy. Dallas is home for me, but in addition to having spent months at a time in Costa Rica and Mexico, I have lived in Aruba, England, Switzerland, and Germany. As a hobby, I enjoy antique British cars and on weekend photograph landscapes with an antique 8”x10” wooden film camera.

As in business, my primary focus on tours has always been on customer satisfaction and whenever possible exceeding customer expectations.

I look forward to meeting you in one of our next adventures.

Last modified: September 11, 2012


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